Certification FAQs

How do I sign up for the certification program?
Signing up is easy. Simple fill out the online form, or call us at (916) 448-5266.

How much does it cost to get certified?
The cost of the certification program is $350 and includes testing materials, and all of the fees for testing day.

When do you certify florists?
We certify florists once a year, in October. This year, we are testing on October 10, at CSFA’s annual convention at Cal Expo in Sacramento. If demand for the certification increases, we may open two testing dates per year.

How much studying is involved to prepare for the test?
That varies for each person, and has a lot to do with how much hands-on experience the florist has already undertaken. But most people tell us that using the study materials prepared them for the exam. The study materials and the prep workshop are highly recommended to ensure a successful exam.

What is testing day like?
The test takes all day and you may be asked to create up to five floral designs. It consists of a written test and hands on designing. Learn more about the exam.

Who should become a CCF Florist?
Anyone who designs floral arrangements and wants to enhance their skill level should become CCF certified. Florists and their employees, party and event designers, freelance designers and floristry students – all have benefited from the CCF seal of approval on their business.